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Long Handle Bamboo Dish Brush

  • Our long handle bamboo dish brush is the perfect all-round washing up brush for daily use. Its long, ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and features a small metal loop, allowing you to hang your dish brush from a hook or cupboard door.

    The brush head has a bamboo base and soft sisal fibre bristles which are ideal for scrubbing crockery, glassware and ceramics. Our brush heads are fully replaceable and last an average of 3-6 months depending on use.

    For tougher cleaning jobs, we recommend using our firm bristle replacement heads which can be purchased here.

    Set Contains:

    1 x Long handle bamboo dish brush (brush head equipped)
    1. Infinitely reusable: Our bamboo dish brushes have replaceable heads. Simply remove the existing head and replace it with a fresh one every 3-6 months and keep on scrubbing!
    2. 100% Plastic-free & recyclable: Our dish brushes are zero waste and contain no plastic at all. Our dish brush heads are made of natural bamboo and sisal fibre bristles. They can be composted or recycled.
    3. Perfect daily-use dish brush: Our long handle bamboo dish brush is the perfect everyday scrubbing brush and can be purchased as a direct replacement for plastic dish brushes or washing up sponges.
    4. Wooden & Rustic: Plastic dish brushes don’t just pollute our natural environment, they’re also unsightly and clash with modern kitchen decor. Our wooden dish brushes are subtle, sleek and blend seamlessly into any home.
    5. Multi-use: Our long-handle brush comes equipped with one soft sisal fibre brush head, but it can also be equipped with tougher brush heads for taking on more stubborn household cleaning chores.
  • To fit your replacement dish brush heads, use a spoon or pliers to loosen the metal coil on the head of your long-handled dish brush.

    Once loose, remove the head and slide in your replacement.

    Hang your dish brush using the metal coil on the bottom of the brush or stand upright in a dish brush rack to let the brush drip dry. Do not leave your dish brush to soak for an excessive amount of time or this may cause damage to the wood.
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