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MiniGym Exercise Kit


Design patented Mini Gym is a complete and portable exercise kit for a varied home workout, mobility and postural training. The training kit includes high-quality products that make varied training and postural exercises fun to do. Functional tools that can be used regardless of level and provide a real challenge!

  • Complete home exercise kit for functional workout
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use, fits all levels
  • For beginners, no prior knowledge needed
  • Makes exercising varied and fun!
  • The resistance bands are in textile so they are all washable.

Includes 4 products:Β Mini band for leg exercises, long elastic textile band, aluminum bar that is adjustable and very lightweight, door gadget for extended training opportunities.

Exercise Tips

Exercises with the telescope bar

home exercise mini gym
Exercises with the long resistance band
functional home exercise with mini gym

Exercises with the mini band

core workout with posture mini gym

Material and Measurements

Bar - Aluminum 6063
Elastic bands 100% Polyester
The resistance bands are made of textile and can be washed at 40 degrees

Telescope Bar: Closed 50 cm, Fully open: 102 cm
Long resistance band: 230 cm long, 3 cm wide

Miniband: 39,5 cm long,Β  6,5 cm wide
Door gadget: 21,5 cm long, 4cm wide