Ninja Tree Climbing Kit

Keep Your Kids Busy

In the modern age, smartphones, video games, and television can keep a child glued to a screen all day.

Don't let your child miss out on the important stage of using their creativity and strength to play outdoors.

Turn your backyard tree into an outdoor kids climbing wall to encourage them to get out and play. That's a great gift for kids five to ten years old both boys and girls

Blow Off Some Steam

As parents and grandparents know, an exhausted child is a calm child.

For the high-energy child in your life, get the outdoor climbing kids set so they can channel that energy into fun.

Safe to Use

Our products are designed with high-quality materials and meet regulated safety standards.

Hassle-Free Installation

Install the kids outdoor climbing set in four simple steps:

1) Select a tree.
2) Insert the line through the rock climbing holds.
3) Wrap the large climbing rocks around the tree and secure with the ratchet.
4) Test that the line is secure, and enjoy the climbing rock for kids set.

Combine with the NinjaSafe Obstacle Course

For even more fun and challenge, add the kids climbing rock set to your obstacle course, zipline, and other outdoor activities.

A great way to raise your kids into active adults without training at the gym.